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Sterile Universal Pack

Disposable Baby Delivery Pack Sterile Midwife Delivery Pack

Delivery drape pack are disposable and EO sterile. It can prevent cross-infection between medical staff and patients. The pad is used to absorb body fluids secreted by the patient during surgery.
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sterile gynecology delivery pack obstetrics and gynecology drape


1pc back table cover 150x190cm 55g PE+28g absorbent PP

1pc mayo stand cover 80x145cm 5.5s blue PE

1pc Suture bag

1pc under buttock drape 100x120cm 6s PE

1pc baby blanket 75x90cm 80g spunlace nonwoven

2pcs leg cover 75x120cm 45g SMS

2pcs surgical gown L 45g SMS

4pcs hand towel 30x40cm 68g woodpulp paper

1pc abdominal drape 100x150cm, 45g SMS

The scope of products
A disposable pack for clinical delivery and obstetric surgery.
Product use precautions
1. This product has been sterilized and the package is damaged and prohibited.
2, limited to one-time use, should be used immediately after opening the package, please destroy after use
3. The product is valid for three years.


Sterile Delivery Pack

Custom delivery drape pack is disposable and EO sterile, it provides comfort , sterile and safe protection for every delivery operation.

1).delivery maternity pack is ready for use in any clinic and hospital
2).We do as customer's requirement for the detail content and packing method
3).With sterilization, the effect can be assured very well for long time
4).For detail components,we can do as you required, just let me know your idea about the details, then it will be available for us.

We assemble packs specially for all kinds of surgeries. Our 3000 square meter 100,000grade standard clean room space and more than 100 employees aiming to flexibility and cost effective efficiency.

We have CE& ISO13485 Certificates:

We can also can provide you:

1. Face mask

2. Cap

3. Lab Coat

4. Coverall

5. Patient Gown

6. Apron (PE)

7. Nonwoven bag

8. Sleeves (PP/PE/SMS)

9. Gloves

10. Shoe cover

11. C-section drape

12. Eye drape

13. Environment bag

14. Mayo stand cover

15. Back table cover

16. Adhesive drape

17. Fenestrated drape

18. Plain drape /utility drape

19. Angiography drape

20. Lithotomic drape

21. Extremity drape

22. U-style drape

23. under buttock drape

24. Hand towel

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