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Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd is a Private company established in 2007, C&P located in Hefei city, capital of Anhui, C&P is a manufacturer and supplier of surgical drapes&packs, surgical gown, equipment covers and other disposable medical products. We assemble packs specially for all kinds of surgeries. Our 3000 square meter 100,000 grade standard clean room (ISO8) space and more than 100 employees aiming to flexibility and cost effective efficiency.

C&P gowns has designed with safety, comfort and flexibility, Standard or Reinforced or Speciality 3 styles for choice. The variety of different material and models offer you an option to choose the right gown for comfortable and protected procedure.

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Our company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of surgical  Drapes,Surgical gown and Surgical Pack , we assemble packs specially for all kinds of surgeries.
Face Mask Disposable

Earloop Surgical Face Mask Disposable Face Mask Suppliers

The surgical face mask is soft and non irritating, which can prevent bacteria, dust and foreign matters from entering the pneumoperitoneum, and remove harmful gases, peculiar smell and odor.
Medical Isolation Gown

Non woven Medical Disposable Isolation Gown AAMI Level 3

The non woven isolation gown has passed ISO13485 and CE certification of European Union, and conforms to the international standards of EN13795 and AAMI3 . It has the advantages of non-toxic, odor free, highly effective bacteria isolation, high strength and good filtration.
Surgical Mask

Medical Non woven KN95 Face Mask Wholesale Manufacturer

Our masks are designed according to the curve of the human face, 3D three-dimensional cutting, strong fit, and improve the protective performance of the mask. Five-layer filtration, the filtration efficiency reaches 95%, effectively protecting the health of the body.
Non woven Isolation Gown

Disposable PP+PE Yellow Isolation Gown AAMI Level Suppliers

The disposable isolation gown is waterproof, breathable, soft in texture, convenient and hygienic. It can be used in dust-free workshops, paint spraying, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and food processing factory.
Isolation Gown Disposable

AAMI Level 2 Sterile Isolation Gown Disposable Manufacturer

Disposable isolation gown meet AAMI2 and EN13795 standard, it is suitable for hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, laboratories, factories and other places, and plays the role of isolation and protection.
Surgical Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask with Tie-on Manufacturer

Disposable medical masks has strong ventilation, but do not affect the filtration of toxic gases. They can keep warm, have strong water absorption, are relatively light and flexible.
Hip Surgery Pack

Waterproof Disposable Standard Hip Surgical Drape Pack Kit

The hip surgery drape kit provides a sterile operating area to isolate germs with CE ISO13485 Certificate.
Gynecology Drape Kit

CE ISO13485 Approved Disposable Gyn Surgical Drape Pack Factory Wholesale

The gynecological surgical pack has the advantages of simple structure, economy, practicality and sterility, and can prevent cross infection.
Boot Cover Waterproof

Disposable Medical PP Non Woven Isolation Boot Cover with Blue Adhesive Tape

Medical isolation shoe covers block external liquids, filter volatile gases, avoid contact, and protect the body in multiple directions.
Medical Headwear

Disposable Non woven Surgical Bouffant Strip Clip Cap Wholesaler

The double rib design of the strip cap has strong elasticity and can be used for dust prevention, oil fume prevention, hair loss prevention, head protection, etc.
Polypropylene Shoe Cover

Hospital Blue Disposable Non woven Protective Shoe Covers

The disposable overshoes are thick and durable, breathable and comfortable, and can be automatically retracted for convenient foot cover.
Long Boot Cover

Waterproof Sterile Medical Protective Boot Cover Shoe Factory Direct Wholesale

The medical isolation boot cover is made of the best material, which is thick, wear-resistant, breathable and soft, and provides barrier protection.
Breast Biopsy Surgery Kits

Hospital Use Disposable Breast Biopsy Surgery Drape Pack Factory Wholesale

The sterile breast biopsy pack provides the tools needed to prepare for surgery.
Single Use General Drape Kits

Customized Disposable Surgical Universal Drape Pack Supplier

Our universal surgery pack are hygienic, effective and durable, and are well received by the market.
Ophthalmology Surgical Pack Kit

High Performance Disposable Ophthalmic Surgical Drape Pack Manufacturer

Ophthalmic surgery pack kit contains the specialized instruments necessary to complete the common eye surgical procedures.
Isolation Gown Manufacturer

SMS Non woven Disposable Isolation Gown With Short Sleeve

Isolation gowns are personal protective equipment used in health care settings to help prevent the gown wearer from transferring microorganisms that may harm vulnerable patients.

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Why are isolation gowns yellow?

Why are isolation gowns yellow?

In order to implement good infection control protocols, medical personnel working in these hazardous environments must wear appropriate personal protective clothing to prevent exposure. Exposure could...
Jun 15, 2022 Read more
How to lay out a surgical drape?

How to lay out a surgical drape?

Surgical drapes are used to create a sterile field around the surgical site and establish a physical barrier that reduces the risk of surgical site infections (SSIs) by decreasing the movement of micr...
May 11, 2022 Read more
What is a non sterile gown?

What is a non sterile gown?

The non-sterile gown is designed to protect the wearer from the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations. Wear to protect the skin during activi...
Apr 26, 2022 Read more
What is clip cap?

What is clip cap?

Disposable clip cap is made of high quality non woven material, no odor, healthy and soft, prevent the intrusion of dirt and dust, well prevent the pollution and embarrassment of falling hair, and cre...
Apr 12, 2022 Read more
Our company will participate in the 131st online Canton Fair

Our company will participate in the 131st online Canton Fair

The 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair for short) will be held online from April 15th to April 24th, 2022. You are welcome to visit our company at that time. During the exhibition period,...
Mar 22, 2022 Read more
Are surgical gowns reusable?

Are surgical gowns reusable?

Surgical gowns are divided into reusable surgical gowns and disposable surgical gowns. As the name suggests, reusable surgical gowns are reusable. From an environmental perspective, reusable medical s...
Mar 08, 2022 Read more
Classification of clean rooms

Classification of clean rooms

Clean rooms are classified according to the cleanliness of the air. Specific particle count measurements and calculations are required by the clean room classification standard ISO 14644-1, which spec...
Feb 22, 2022 Read more

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