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Sterile Universal Pack
  • Can disposable masks be recycled?
    Feb 27 , 2023

    Can disposable masks be recycled?

    As the epidemic continues, the demand for disposable masks remains as high as ever. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are depleting medical supplies every day to protect front-line personnel from the relentless virus. Likewise, the general public has not stopped using disposable face masks to protect themselves and others. While face masks are necessary to curb the spread of the virus, the...
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  • Who wears a scrub suit?
    Feb 10 , 2023

    Who wears a scrub suit?

    Scrub suits are protective clothing designed for medical staff to wear when they may come into contact with infectious substances or body fluids. Disposable scrub suits protect the wearer from contact with the substance by forming a barrier between them and it to reduce the risk of pollution. This ensures that the medical environment is clean and safe for clinicians and patients. Who wears a scrub...
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  • Notice of Spring Festival holiday in 2023
    Jan 17 , 2023

    Notice of Spring Festival holiday in 2023

    Dear Customer: The Spring Festival of 2023 is coming. First of all, I would like to sincerely thank all customers for their full support and pleasant cooperation in 2022. In the past year, with your support and trust, we have been able to make continuous progress! Here, all colleagues in C&P wish all customers a prosperous business, good luck, happiness and health in the new year! According to...
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  • How do surgical drapes work?
    Dec 29 , 2022

    How do surgical drapes work?

    Surgical drapes are an essential tool in every operating room. Surgical drapes are made of cloth, plastic, or paper and are used to help prevent the spread of infection and protect patients, surgical staff, and equipment in the operating room. How do surgical drapes work? The main job of the surgical disposable drapes is to prevent the patient's bodily fluid from contaminating the equipment, table...
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  • Protection and inspection of disposable surgical packs
    Dec 06 , 2022

    Protection and inspection of disposable surgical packs

    The disposable medical surgical pack stored for a long time should be coated with a layer of petroleum jelly to protect the surgical pack. During the operation, disposable medical surgical pack shall be placed at the designated position for easy access at any time to prevent mutual collision. The surgical pack is sterile and should not be opened in a bacterial environment. Before using the sterile...
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  • What are surgical gowns made of?
    Nov 08 , 2022

    What are surgical gowns made of?

    Surgical gowns (also known as "hospital gowns") are worn by doctors and nurses in operating rooms to perform a dual function of preventing the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids from surgical staff to patients, and from patients to staff. As class II medical devices, they must meet the essential requirements specified in the standard series (EN 1379). They can be disposable or reusable. ...
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  • National Day holiday notice
    Sep 30 , 2022

    National Day holiday notice

    Dear partners: Have a nice day! The National Day of China is approaching. According to the national holiday notice on the National Day, combined with the actual situation of our company, the notice of the relevant holiday is as follows: Holiday time: From October 1st to 3rd, 2022, there will be a total of 3 days off. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you during the holiday! Hefei C&P ...
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  • What is extremity drape?
    Sep 15 , 2022

    What is extremity drape?

    The extremity surgical drape is used to cover a patient's extremity such as a hand, arm or leg during a surgical procedure. Especially the surgical drapes have collection pouch for excellent fluid barrier properties.Extremity Surgery drape is specially designed for limbs surgery. Usage of surgical drapes improve efficiency by significantly reducing the clinical and administrative workload , minimi...
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  • Who needs isolation gowns?
    Aug 25 , 2022

    Who needs isolation gowns?

    Gowns are considered the second largest personal protective equipment after gloves. Nonsterile isolation gowns should be worn to protect moving arms and exposed body areas when contact with clothing, blood, body fluids, secretions and excreta is expected, it is designed to help protect your workers from infectious droplets , liquid infiltration and intrusion by solids, and help prevent the spread ...
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