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Sterile Universal Pack
  • Why are isolation gowns yellow?
    Jun 15 , 2022

    Why are isolation gowns yellow?

    In order to implement good infection control protocols, medical personnel working in these hazardous environments must wear appropriate personal protective clothing to prevent exposure. Exposure could lead to personal sickness or the cross-contamination of pathogens among the patient and provider. Depending on the nature of the workplace, exposure to hazardous substances can vary widely. Many time...
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  • Notice of Dragon Boat Festival holiday
  • How to lay out a surgical drape?
    May 11 , 2022

    How to lay out a surgical drape?

    Surgical drapes are used to create a sterile field around the surgical site and establish a physical barrier that reduces the risk of surgical site infections (SSIs) by decreasing the movement of microorganisms from unsterile to sterile areas. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the surgical drape before the operation. We can refer to the following steps for laying: 1. Utility Drapes:Use fo...
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  • What is a non sterile gown?
    Apr 26 , 2022

    What is a non sterile gown?

    The non-sterile gown is designed to protect the wearer from the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations. Wear to protect the skin during activities that splash or splash blood, body fluids or secretions, excreta, etc. It can prevent the transfer of bacteria between the medical team and the patient, and reduce the contamination and infection ...
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  • What is clip cap?
    Apr 12 , 2022

    What is clip cap?

    Disposable clip cap is made of high quality non woven material, no odor, healthy and soft, prevent the intrusion of dirt and dust, well prevent the pollution and embarrassment of falling hair, and create a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for you. Features of strip cap: 1. Rubber band mouth design: The elastic rubber band mouth can wrap the hair well and pose less pressure to head, effecti...
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  • Our company will participate in the 131st online Canton Fair
    Mar 22 , 2022

    Our company will participate in the 131st online Canton Fair

    The 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair for short) will be held online from April 15th to April 24th, 2022. You are welcome to visit our company at that time. During the exhibition period, we will display and connect online all day. Our exhibits include surgical gowns, surgical drapes, surgical packs, masks, isolation gowns and other disposable medical consumables. We are very much loo...
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  • Are surgical gowns reusable?
    Mar 08 , 2022

    Are surgical gowns reusable?

    Surgical gowns are divided into reusable surgical gowns and disposable surgical gowns. As the name suggests, reusable surgical gowns are reusable. From an environmental perspective, reusable medical surgical gowns are more economical and sustainable, and provide adequate liquid barrier protection. But in the long run, reusable gowns require cleaning, sterilization and storage, they may cost hospit...
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  • Classification of clean rooms
    Feb 22 , 2022

    Classification of clean rooms

    Clean rooms are classified according to the cleanliness of the air. Specific particle count measurements and calculations are required by the clean room classification standard ISO 14644-1, which specifies the decimal logarithm of the number of particles of 0.1 µm or more allowed per cubic meter of air to classify the cleanliness level of the clean room or clean area. ISO 14644-1 Clean room Standa...
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  • New Year's work notice
    Feb 08 , 2022

    New Year's work notice

    Dear new and old customers: After the Spring Festival holiday, all employees of our company have officially started work from February 8, 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the holiday. Welcome new and old customers to inquire about related nonwoven medical products. After spending a peaceful, warm and reunited Spring Festival, all the employees of the company will devote themselve...
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