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A new digital automatic production line for melt blown cloth is developed in China
May 06 , 2020

"The accuracy of the melt blown machine determines whether the spray wire is uniform and the product quality of the melt blown cloth." Li Aihong, director of the scientific research department of Changzhou Textile and garment vocational and technical college, said Thursday, "the new digital automatic production line of melt blown cloth developed jointly by us and the enterprise integrates various international advanced technologies, breaks through technical barriers, realizes automatic production data collection and real-time monitoring of production process quality, and ensures the production of high-quality medical epidemic prevention series products urgently needed."

According to song Lijing, associate professor of the school of mechanical and electrical engineering, melt blown cloth is mainly made of polypropylene, which has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. It can be used in the fields of air, liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorption materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials and wiping cloth. After the outbreak of the epidemic, medical masks, protective clothing and other supplies have become the important materials in the front line of epidemic prevention. However, some enterprises use the traditional melt blown cloth production equipment, because of the low degree of intelligence, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the spinneret.

In view of the existing problems and market demand in the production of melt blown cloth, in early March, song Lijing's scientific research team and Jiangsu tebel Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. gave full play to their respective technical advantages and cooperated to develop the digital automatic production line of melt blown cloth. They successively solved a series of integrated technical problems such as mechanical design, die design, electrical control, operation data collection, etc., and adopted the international advanced technology, materials and components for repeated system integration, and finally a new digital automatic production line of melt blown cloth is successfully developed.

melt blown cloth

Experts believe that the innovation of this production equipment is high intelligence, accurate operation data collection, real-time quality monitoring. At the same time, it can automatically adjust product specifications and weight according to customer demand and production requirements, truly realize digital production and save production and operation costs. According to the commissioning and trial production, a 300 mm nozzle can produce 200 kg melt blown cloth per day, and a mass production of 800-1600 kg melt blown cloth can be achieved by replacing a large nozzle. At present, 2 sets of production equipment have been demonstrated and put into use in Chinese production enterprises.

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