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The prices of the three major products of masks, meltblown cloths and mask machines plummeted
Jun 13 , 2020

At present, China's domestic epidemic prevention and control has achieved periodic victory, and the development of overseas epidemic situations has also tended to ease. Before that, the domestic mask production capacity has expanded rapidly in a short time, and the mask industry chain has gradually appeared to exceed supply. A few months ago, the irrational market of "one mask is hard to find" was quickly "beaten back to its original shape".

Since May, there has been a rapid cooling down of the whole mask industry chain, and speculators have also flocked to leave. The price of "three major products" in the surgical mask industry has been reduced one after another, with some of them falling by more than 90%. In June, the information about the price decline of mask industry chain products spread widely in the market. The information about the sale of masks at discount, the processing of melt blown cloth and the transfer of mask machines began to appear intensively on various Internet trading platforms.

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Production capacity increased, demand decreased, supervision strengthened, supply and demand situation of mask market reversed

The fundamental reason for the price decline of the main products in the mask industry chain is that the supply-demand relationship has been reversed. Around the Spring Festival this year, factors such as the epidemic situation and holiday shutdowns caused a shortage of supply in the mask market. With the resumption of industry and the increase of production capacity, this situation has been quickly broken, and the mask market is returning to the normal state before the epidemic.

In the overseas market, the European Union issued a revised plan on April 26, which reduced the list of masks, glasses and protective clothing that need export authorization, and required member states to quickly approve export authorization for humanitarian purposes. On May 27, Italy's emergency Commissioner for the New Crown Outbreak Akuri said that since September, Italy's protective equipment will basically achieve self-sufficiency. With the reduction of domestic and overseas demand for mask protective equipment, the supply and demand of the mask industry chain has reversed, and the mask industry chain will return to the normal state before the outbreak.

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