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Sterile Universal Pack
What are medical drapes used for?
Nov 17 , 2023

Drapes, also known as sterile surgical drapes, are commonly used during surgical procedures to prevent the patient from being exposed to any contaminants and to maintain the sterility of environmental surfaces, equipment, and the patient's surroundings. Likewise, surgical staff should wear sterile surgical gowns over their scrub suits during surgery to keep the surgical field sterile and reduce the risk of pathogen transmission to the patient.

Why do we need surgical drape?

There are many reasons for using surgical drapes during surgery. First, they help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Surgical drapes are made from materials that are free of any potential sources of contamination and are sterilized to prevent bacterial growth on them. Additionally, surgical drapes help keep the operating room clean. Finally, surgical drapes protect the patient from potential harm. A surgical drape protects the patient if something goes wrong during the procedure.

Types of surgical drapes

There are many types of surgical drapes, and it is important to choose one that suits your needs. Here are three common types:

1. Universal surgical drape

Universal surgical drape is a customized solution for hospital surgeries. The use of universal surgical drapes facilitates daily work in the operating room and is suitable for all types of surgeries.

2. U split surgical drape

U split surgical drapes are available in a variety of sizes and designs. U split surgical drape with reinforcement provides superior absorbency and strength. Openings of different widths and lengths are available for a variety of procedures.

3. Surgical drapes corresponding to various specific surgeries, such as: caesarean section drapes, angiography surgical drapes, ophthalmic surgical drapes, knee arthroscopy drapes, etc.

Specific surgical drapes are customized solutions for specific surgeries. The use of surgical drapes (and therefore surgical packs) can significantly reduce clinical and administrative workload, minimizing waste and associated costs while providing professional options that improve efficiency.

Surgical Drape Customized Size

As one of the manufacturers of surgical drapes, surgical packs and surgical gowns, C&P has rich product production experience and stable and skilled production workers. The company strictly controls quality in accordance with the requirements of the ISO13485 quality system. Its products have obtained CE certification and comply with EN 13795 standard.

Sterile surgical drapes are an important part of any healthcare environment, and they play a vital role in protecting patients and staff from potential infections. By using sterile surgical drapes, you can help ensure that patients receive the best possible care while also preventing infection from being transferred from the surgeon to the wound through direct contact, and vice versa.

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