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What is the future of melt blown nonwovens after the epidemic?
May 21 , 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the spread of the new crown epidemic has caused a whirlwind of "melt blown cloth" in China's non-woven fabric industry. From more than ten new lines of CNPC and Sinopec put into production, to Ogilvy Medical's investment in melt-blown lines and SMMS spun-melt lines in Leifenhauser, several melt-blown production lines have been put into production in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang and other places. The order information from the equipment factory shows that at least 300 production lines have paid a deposit.

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For the "small and specialized" melt blown fabric industry in non woven, such a huge influx of investment, after the epidemic, as the demand for surgical masks declines, the industry is bound to usher in a difficult "reshuffle" .

After the epidemic, where will the newly-launched melt blown line go?

1. After this large-scale epidemic, Chinese people's understanding of masks has improved a lot. In the future, masks will be used as a necessity for Chinese families. The market scale of masks will inevitably be expanded, but homogenization after the epidemic will inevitably bring fierce price competition to the melt-blown filter production market.

2. With the entry of large state-owned enterprises such as Sinopec and PetroChina, this production capacity will be used as a national strategic material reserve after the epidemic, but it will also inevitably enter the market, especially Sinopec now sells masks through convenience stores of its gas stations, which is a more direct and monetized channel.

3. If the melt-blown fabrics that are newly put into production fail to meet the corresponding mask standards, they can also enter the oil-absorbing cotton field in addition to selling the equipment after the epidemic. The corresponding standards are not high, but price competition will be inevitable.

4. The positive effect of the epidemic on the field of masks is that the production of disposable face masks will be more standardized, and the quality requirements for melt-blown filter materials will be greatly improved. After that, the melt-blown mask filter material will no longer have the concept of ordinary melt-blown cloth. BFE99-level melt-blown will be the minimum requirement for melt-blown filter material in the mask field.

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5. After the epidemic, the pattern of the entire melt blown industry will undergo greater changes. Enterprises that are deeply immersed in the field of melt blown will invest more money in research and development, develop more environmentally friendly, lower-cost products and new application areas, which will enhance the global competitiveness of China's melt blown.

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