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Who wears a scrub suit?
Feb 10 , 2023

Scrub suits are protective clothing designed for medical staff to wear when they may come into contact with infectious substances or body fluids. Disposable scrub suits protect the wearer from contact with the substance by forming a barrier between them and it to reduce the risk of pollution. This ensures that the medical environment is clean and safe for clinicians and patients.

Who wears a scrub suit?

Scrub suits are worn mostly by medical staff working in hospitals (such as doctors and nurses), but anyone visiting the hospital can be required to wear them. Veterinarians, nursing staff or midwives and other medical industries are also worn them.

Why should doctors wear scrub suits?

With a growing understanding of how viruses and bacteria are transmitted, medical staff began to wear surgical protective clothing (including scrub suits) in the operating room. The scrub suits are lightweight and breathable with side vents, which can ensure that surgeons stay comfortable in the operating room for a long time.

Medical Scrub Suits

Where can I buy scrub suits?

C&P has a long history in designing and making medical scrub suits, which means that it is the best place to buy a wide range of scrub suits. Visit www.medicaldrape.com medical supplies website here.

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