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Why are isolation gowns yellow?
Jun 15 , 2022

In order to implement good infection control protocols, medical personnel working in these hazardous environments must wear appropriate personal protective clothing to prevent exposure. Exposure could lead to personal sickness or the cross-contamination of pathogens among the patient and provider.

Depending on the nature of the workplace, exposure to hazardous substances can vary widely. Many times, it is necessary to wear isolation gowns to complete the protection protocol of daily tasks. The primary purpose of gowns is to protect healthcare workers' skin and clothing from contamination when in direct contact with patients and the patient environment.

Yellow is the best color to grab attention and it's hard to miss even from a distance. Disposable yellow isolation gowns are the first line of defense for healthcare providers, patients and visitors spending time in healthcare facilities facing the threat of emerging infectious diseases. It is made of spunbond polypropylene material, which is economical, lightweight, comfortable to wear and allows complete freedom of movement for the operator. When a thin polyethylene coating is applied to the outer surface, it transforms the waterproof gown into an impervious gown, that is, the PE coated isolation gown.

PP Isolation Gown

High-quality protective isolation gown is the first line of defense against the spread of disease, and is usually used in places such as hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, laboratories and factories. If you are looking for a suitable isolation gown to protect your employees against exposure, transmission or cross-contamination of harmful contaminants, then please contact us!

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