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Are surgical gowns reusable?
Mar 08 , 2022

Surgical gowns are divided into reusable surgical gowns and disposable surgical gowns. As the name suggests, reusable surgical gowns are reusable. From an environmental perspective, reusable medical surgical gowns are more economical and sustainable, and provide adequate liquid barrier protection. But in the long run, reusable gowns require cleaning, sterilization and storage, they may cost hospitals and patients more time, money and effort, and the robustness, reliability and bacterial impermeability of reusable gowns will fade with wetting or repeated washing.

Disposable surgical gowns cannot be reused. They create a barrier between patients and medical staff, reduce the probability of medical staff being exposed to potential sources of infection such as patient blood or other body fluids during surgery, and reliably provide protection and prevent surgical site infection and bacteria spread.

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Despite improvements in reusable supply technology over the years, as the most important part of maintaining sterile conditions, disposable gowns remain a cost-effective and safe option for hospitals and clinics. Reusable gowns have too many unknown costs associated with them, including patient health and safety.

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