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Cleaning activities
Nov 23 , 2019

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd continues to promote cleaning activities

Cleaner production is a brand-new development strategy. It takes "preventive" measures in all aspects of the product life cycle with the help of various related theories and technologies. By organically combining production technology, production process, business management and products with logistics, energy, information and other elements, and optimizing the operation mode, it can achieve the minimum environmental impact, the minimum resources Energy use, the best management model and the best level of economic growth.

I. purpose and significance of cleaning activities

1. Improve and improve the corporate image

A tidy and clean working environment is easy to attract customers and make them confident. At the same time, due to word-of-mouth, it will become the learning object of other companies.

2. Promote the improvement of efficiency

Good working environment and working atmosphere, cultivated working partners, orderly placement of goods, no need to find, employees can concentrate on work, work with high interest, and the efficiency will naturally improve.

3. Improve the turnover rate of parts in stock

Clean working environment, effective storage and layout, thorough management of minimum inventory, able to take out useful items immediately when necessary. The logistics between processes is smooth, which can reduce or even eliminate the search detention time and improve the turnover rate of parts in the warehouse.

4. Reduce or eliminate faults to ensure quality

Good quality comes from good working environment. Through regular cleaning and spot inspection, the working environment is constantly purified to avoid the damage of dirt to the machine, maintain the high efficiency of the equipment and improve the quality.

5. Guarantee the safety production of the enterprise

The storage is clear, the objects return to the original place, the workplace is spacious and bright, the passage is unblocked, and the objects that should not be placed on the ground will not be placed at will. If the workplace is not in order, accidents will be reduced, and safety will be guaranteed.

6. Reduce production cost

Through the implementation of cleaning, the waste of personnel, equipment, place, time and so on can be reduced, so as to reduce the production cost.

7. Improve the mental outlook of employees and make the organization energetic

Everyone becomes a cultivated employee with dignity and sense of achievement. He / she is dedicated to his / her work, drives the awareness of improvement (can implement rationalization proposal improvement activities), and increases the vitality of the organization.

8. Shorten the operation cycle and ensure the delivery time

As a result of the implementation of "clear at a glance" management, the abnormal phenomenon is obvious, the waste of personnel, equipment and time is reduced, the production is smooth, the operation efficiency is improved, and the operation cycle is shortened, so as to ensure the delivery time.

Cleaner production has played a great role in shaping the image of the enterprise, reducing costs, on-time delivery, safety production, high standardization, creating a pleasant workplace, on-site improvement, etc., which has been gradually recognized by the management circles of various countries.

II. Contents of cleaning activities

1. Sorting

The first step to improve the production site is to separate the people, things and things that are not needed, and then deal with the people, things and things that are not needed. The key point is to classify the realistic and stagnant articles on the production site, and distinguish what is needed and what is not needed on the site; secondly, the articles not needed on the site shall be resolutely cleaned out of the production site. The front and back of each station or equipment in the workshop, the left and right channels, the upper and lower parts of the workshop, the inside and outside of the toolbox, as well as the dead corners of the workshop, shall be thoroughly searched and cleaned to ensure that there is nothing unnecessary on the site.

The purpose of sorting activities: increase the working area, smooth logistics, prevent misuse, etc.

2. Rectification

To quantify and locate the people, things and things needed. After finishing the previous step, scientifically and reasonably arrange and place the items that need to be left on the production site, so as to obtain the required items with the fastest speed and complete the operation under the most effective rules, regulations and the most simple process.

The purpose of rectification activities: the workplace shall be clean and clear at a glance, the time for taking and putting articles shall be reduced, the work efficiency shall be improved, and the orderly work order area shall be maintained.

3. Cleaning

Clean the workplace and repair the equipment immediately when it is abnormal to make it return to normal. Dirty site will reduce the accuracy of equipment, cause frequent failures, affect product quality, and make safety accidents impossible to prevent; dirty site will affect people's working mood, making people reluctant to stay for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dirt and create a bright and comfortable working environment through cleaning activities. 

The purpose of cleaning activities: to keep employees in a good working mood, and ensure the stability of product quality, and ultimately achieve zero failure and zero loss of enterprise production.

4. Cleaning

After sorting, rectifying and cleaning, the site shall be carefully maintained to keep perfect and best condition. Cleaning is the insistence and deepening of the first three activities, so as to eliminate the root cause of safety accidents. Create a good working environment, so that employees can work happily.

The purpose of cleaning activities: to make sorting, rectifying and cleaning work become a kind of convention and system, which is the basis of standardization, and also the beginning of an enterprise to form a corporate culture.

5. Quality

Quality is education, strive to improve the quality of personnel, develop the habit and style of strictly abiding by rules and regulations, which is the core of cleaning activities.  Without the improvement of personnel quality, all activities can not be carried out smoothly and carried out can not be persisted. Therefore, cleaning activities should always focus on improving people's quality.

The purpose of literacy activities: through literacy, let employees become a person who abides by rules and regulations and has good work literacy habits.

6. Safety

Remove hidden dangers, eliminate dangerous situations and prevent accidents.

The purpose of safety activities: to ensure the personal safety of employees, ensure the continuous and normal production, and reduce the economic losses caused by safety accidents.

7. Saving

It is to make rational use of time, space, energy and other aspects to give full play to their maximum efficiency, so as to create an efficient and best use workplace.

The purpose of saving activities: treat the resources of the enterprise in the mind of being the owner, make the best use of what can be used, do not discard it at will, and think about the remaining use value before discarding it. Economy is the supplement and guidance to the sorting work. In China, due to the relative shortage of resources, we should adhere to the principle of thrift and diligence in enterprises.

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