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Sterile Universal Pack
The new product radiology kit launch
Dec 04 , 2019

The new product disposable radiology kits go online today, sterile radial surgical drape pack are used to limit contamination of the surgical wound, the surgical instruments and the surgeon’s hands. To be effective, the drape should at a minimum cover all or nearly all of the people and enough of the surrounding area to avoid accidental contamination.The customized nonwoven radial packs allow direct observation of the patient during surgery, which help the operation to complete successfully.


1pc. Scissor Mayo Str. 5 ½”
1pc. FCP Kelly Str. 5 ½”
1pc Syringe. 5cc L/L
1pc Syringe. 10cc L/L
1pc Needle 18x1 ½ Reg. Bev.sterile with label
1pc Needle 27x1/2 Reg. Bev.sterile with label
1pc Needle 23x1 Reg. Bev.
2pcs. Bowl, Solution 8 oz. 250cc
1pc Basin, Emesis 700cc
1pc Tray, 9"x10"x2"
1pc Tray, 9"x5"x2"
2pc Gown, L NRF,45gsm SMS standard with pocket
1pc Gown, XLG NRF,45gsm SMS standard  with pocket
1pc Cover, Table 60"x60"
1pc Drape, 44"x55" Half (SMS)
1pc Drape, 48"x60" Minor Proc. w/ 3"Fen.
4pcs Slide, Glass Frosted 1"x3"(with protection box cover)
1pc Scalpel, #11 (Lance)
20 ply SPG. Gauze 4x4 12 Ply
1pc SPG. Gauze 4x4 16 Ply
2pcs Machine cover round shape size22x55 II sheet(SMK15-IIS)
1pc Shield cover 95cm x95cm (pouch shape)
1pc Yellow plastic bag size 12"x8"

1pc  Light Handle Cover(Green)

Product Features

1. Light weight and soft feeling

2. Excellent  waterproof

3. Blocking the transmission of bacteria

4. Free from chemical agents and Latex, soft on sensitive skin

5. With or without embossed pattern.

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