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How to lay out a surgical drape?
May 11 , 2022

Surgical drapes are used to create a sterile field around the surgical site and establish a physical barrier that reduces the risk of surgical site infections (SSIs) by decreasing the movement of microorganisms from unsterile to sterile areas. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the surgical drape before the operation. We can refer to the following steps for laying:

Surgical Drape Sheets

1. Utility DrapesUse four surgical utility drapes cover around the incision.

Cover the surgical incision with four sterile utility drapes, double-folded 1/4 on each side, folded downward. The order of laying drapes: first lay the relatively unclean parts (such as the abdomen and perineum), and finally lay the operator side. Secure the four corners with towel forceps, or cover the incision with film.

2.Medium Drapes:

According to the different medium drapes provided, choose the corresponding laying method:

Method 1: lay four single-layer medium drapes: the first medium drape is double-folded and covered with the platform. The second piece spread horizontally with the upper edge of the incision and the head frame. The third piece is unfolded and covered the lower edge of the horizontal incision and the top of the platform. And the fourth piece spread and covered the platform and lower limbs.

Method 2: Covering with two double-layer drapes: One double-layer drape is placed on the upper and lower edges of the incision, with the head side over the anesthesia frame and the foot side over the operating table.

3. Surgical drape:

Use the surgical drape facing the incision, with the short end toward the head and the long end toward the lower limbs, then stretch up and down. Care should be taken not to touch non-sterile objects with hands or fingers.

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