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Protection and inspection of disposable surgical packs
Dec 06 , 2022

The disposable medical surgical pack stored for a long time should be coated with a layer of petroleum jelly to protect the surgical pack. During the operation, disposable medical surgical pack shall be placed at the designated position for easy access at any time to prevent mutual collision. The surgical pack is sterile and should not be opened in a bacterial environment.

Before using the sterile surgical pack, first check whether the package of the surgical pack is complete and within the validity period. Aseptic operation is required. The judgment standard is: the disposable surgical pack has no damage on its appearance, is labeled with epoxy sterilization, and has discoloration reaction after sterilization. After opening, all items in the pack are free of foreign matters, including pollutants, otherwise it cannot be used. If there is no problem above, it can be determined that the product meets the use standard as long as it meets the surgical requirements during the operation.

Surgical Packs Sterile

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