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What are surgical gowns made of?
Nov 08 , 2022

Surgical gowns (also known as "hospital gowns") are worn by doctors and nurses in operating rooms to perform a dual function of preventing the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids from surgical staff to patients, and from patients to staff. As class II medical devices, they must meet the essential requirements specified in the standard series (EN 1379). They can be disposable or reusable. Disposable surgical gowns that prevent the release of pollutant particles into the air, which may be a source of patient contamination.

What material are hospital surgical gowns made of?

Unlike woven or knitted fabrics, disposable surgical gowns usually use non-woven fabrics as materials. Nonwovens are fabric-like materials made of short and long fibers (continuous lengths) that are bonded together by chemical, mechanical, thermal or solvent treatment.

1.SMS non-woven fabric

The main fabric of the disposable surgical gown is SMS, which is soft, comfortable, breathable and suitable for clinicians to wear. Three layers of spunbond polypropylene ensure extraordinary flexibility and drapability, providing tough abrasion resistance and cloth like feel, and two layers of meltblown polypropylene form an effective bacterial barrier that acts as a special microbial barrier.

2. PP and PE non-woven fabric

PP and PE constitute a reinforced sterile material that can effectively protect medical personnel from infectious substances such as blood or body fluids.

3. Wood pulp biodegradable non-woven fabric

Wood pulp nonwoven is a new material with a cloth-like texture and softness that is very attractive, and an advanced splash barrier that gives you breathability and good protection. At the same time, this fabric has good antibacterial and biodegradable properties. It is made of wood pulp, which is non-toxic and harmless. In addition, it can be completely degraded when buried in the soil for one year, and will not cause any harm to the environment.

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What is the structure of the hospital surgical gown?

Most surgical gowns consist of 3 to 5 main pieces. Although many gowns have no seams on the sides, their front and back stitching is clearly defined by the position of the sleeves. The front of the surgical gown is continuous with no seams or breaks on the fabric surface, which is a critical area for barrier performance. The back consists of two overlapping panels that provide access for donning and doffing. To close the main body of the gown, there are ties on the left and right rear panels to secure the gown so that medical personnel are protected from infection. The neckline of hospital gowns is usually closed with Velcro, which is simple and convenient. The loop assembly of the Velcro is placed at the neckline of the left rear panel, providing great flexibility and accuracy for the collar fit. Rib knit cuffs are sewn at the wrists at the edges of the sleeves. Surgical gloves are worn over the cuffs during use, so the cuffs must fit snugly.

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