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Sterile Universal Pack

EO Sterile Customized Cardiovascular Surgical Pack

This package is made of non-woven medical materials and is suitable for adult cardiac surgery. It can be used directly without secondary disinfection.
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Disposable Sterile nonwoven Surgical Cardiovascular Pack

1pc C.V.C Primary Drape 240x340cm

1pc By-Pass Split Drape 150x240cm

1pc Back Table Cover 150x200cm

1pc Mayo Stand Cover

4pcs OP-Tape 10x50cm

1pc Universal Bag

1pc Reinforced Surgical Gown XL

1pc Reinforced Surgical Gown XXL

2pc Foot Cover

4pcs Medical Towel

1pc Drape 100x100cm

1pc Drape 150x200cm

1pc Sterilization Wrap 100x100cm


EO Sterile Cardiovascular Surgery Kits

Cardiovascular Surgical pack with collection pouch keeps both surgeon and patient dry throughout the operation and reduces the potential hazard of fluid on electrical equipment, it is designed for quick and easy to use.

We will provide the most suitable material and first-class products to serve the clients in the shortest possible time.Using advanced systems, technology and strict qualtiy control system, along with 120 devoted and diligent employees, C& P continuously makes new advances in the field of nonwoven products .


company profile:

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd is located in Hefei city,capital of Anhui. We have had 13 years of professional manufacturing experience in the field of surgical drapes& packs,surgical gown,equipment covers and other disposable medical products.

We can also can provide you:

1. Face mask

2. Cap

3. Lab Coat

4. Coverall

5. Patient Gown

6. Apron (PE)

7. Nonwoven bag

8. Sleeves (PP/PE/SMS)

9. Gloves

10. Shoe cover

11. C-section drape

12. Eye drape

13. Environment bag

14. Mayo stand cover

15. Back table cover

16. Adhesive drape

17. Fenestrated drape

18. Plain drape /utility drape

19. Angiography drape

20. Lithotomic drape

21. Extremity drape

22. U-style drape

23. under buttock drape

24. Hand towel

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