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Placement requirements for disposable surgical kits
Nov 12 , 2020

When doctors perform surgery, in fact, their tools are always placed in a fixed position. And the safety and sanitation of its tools have very high standards. Do you know how it is placed? Let me introduce you in detail below.

The products in the disposable surgical kit will be placed according to the basic principles of meeting the requirements of sterilization and being convenient for the surgeon. Take the disposable suture pack as an example. First install the blade on the handle (the choice of blade and handle should be selected according to the situation at the time). Then separate the knife and scissors with gauze to wrap them together to prevent sharp instruments pierce the outside of the wrapper to cause pollution or injury.

Surgical Packs Sterile

Then the suture is wound on the top of the spool and the needle is fixed on it to avoid loss. The instruments that you want to use to separate tissues, inspect wounds, and stop bleeding should be closely aligned after inspection. When the wound needs to be enlarged, the instruments we use should be carefully checked for defects and rust before use. The last item among them is dental forceps, which is a pulling tool to assist in suture the skin.

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